SWINE- Mangalitsas & Crosses

Our main boar is a full blood red Mangalitsa! We have a range of sows including full blood Mangalitsa, Hereford, Berkshire, Hampshire and spot! We find great success with all combinations, please email for current availability as we breed year round and stock is always changing!  info@lhp.farm

Full Blood Mangalitsa (weaning age)

(Prices include health certificates and lineage)

Gilts / Intact Boars: $450

Barrows: $300

****currently on a wait list! Email to get added to the list!

50% Mangalitsa (weaning age):

Gilts / Intact Boars: $350

Barrows: $200


Miniature Hereford Herd Bull

DOB: Oct 26th, 2016

Polled & Very short and Stocky (about as tall

as a creep feeder)- Contact me for his video!

Available beginning: NOW

Price: $2,200.00

While raising meats for the on farm market, Local Homestead also breeds Miniature Cattle and Specialty Heritage Breed Hogs (Mangalitsa/ Mangalitsa Crosses)! Please email info@lhp.farm for more information! Farm visits for livestock sales are by appointment only!

We are currently on a wait list for 2021 spring calves! Email info@lhp.farm to get added to the list!

Looking for something else? Send us an email (we breed year round!)

#9 Steer Calf

DOB: 12.27.20, Steer Calf, Polled

Miniature Hereford Sire (approx 40 inches tall)

Black Angus #9 (approx 44 inches tall)

*a taller mom but her calves have never matured over 38 inches at the hip!*

Available beginning: 5.1.21

Price: $800.00

LINUS (red & white belted bull calf)

DOB: 11.12.20     POLLED: YES

Bull Calf (can be castrated)

Miniature Hereford Sire (approx 40 inches tall)

Red Belted Galloway Dam (approx 37 inches tall)

Available beginning: NOW!

Price: $1,500.00/bull, $1,300.00 if castrated

Sale Barn - Miniature Cattle & Heritage Hogs

Miniature Cattle - Currently available

Email Info@lhp.farm to be put on our wait list for future calves!