Meats at Local Homestead products

Local Homestead Products is proud to raise beef, pork, chicken and turkey right on the farm! All meats are all natural being 100% free from any added hormones and antibiotics. All animals are raised on pasture, having constant access to the outdoors! The farm also hosts farm tours in the spring and the fall so you can see the operation for yourself! 

How do I buy meats from Local Homestead? Do I need to order?

No pre orders required, meats are available year round in our market! See the bottom of this page for full market hours! Simply show up and shop in store!  Meats are generally re stocked every Friday! **we do not sell halves of beef/pork at this time*


    The beef is grass fed, grain finished to assure the highest quality in both flavor and marbling. This simply means that all of the cattle have full access to the outdoors, in addition to being fed hay/grain. All hay/grain is directly from the farm! We do not ship in any beef or feed for our animals! 


    Pasture Raised Pork- our pigs are raised outdoors, loving the mud, pond and tree scratches! The crew at Local Homestead manages our swine operation full circle. From farrowing to finish, our piglets are born and raised on the farm.

   Again, these animals are all natural and are 100% free from any added hormones or antibiotics. Pork cuts include sausage, bacon, pork chops, ribs, roasts, scrapple, meatloaf, ham slices, and more! Flavors of sausage include apple, hot Italian, sweet Italian,  maple breakfast links, fresh sausage, bratwurst, cheddar cheese bratwurst, kielbasa, and more! 


    Chicken is currently a seasonal product at Local Homestead! We have fresh (never frozen) chicken available May - October. After October all chicken is frozen, available while supplies last.