All natural, pasture raised, no added hormones or antibiotics, whole fresh chickens are available for pre order by Local Homestead! Check out the highlights of this program:


-Sign up before March 31st to receive birds once
a month, May through October 2024 (your choice of
two birds a month OR four birds a month)

- Birds will weigh between 4lbs and 5lbs. All birds will
be vacuum packed whole. 

- Birds are raised on our farm: pasture raised, free 
from any added hormones or antibiotics and have 
access to grain that we have grown on the farm

- At the first pick up you will receive a scan card, you
must present this at each pick up! This tracks how many
birds you have picked up and when! 

-ALL birds must be picked up on the specified dates or 
you will forfeit the pick up of your birds for the month

Birds are whole and vacuum packed at time of pick up!


STANDARD PLAN | 2 Birds/Month, 12 birds total


FAMILY PLAN | 4 birds/month, 24 birds total


2024 Fresh Chicken PRE PURCHASE PLAN

Sign Up NOW to "pre order " fresh chicken raised by Local Homestead!  

Birds are raised in small batches by the crew at LHP! "Pre Ordering" allows for us to predict how many birds to raise a month! Questions? Shoot us an email: